PARENTS-Please have your child ON TIME for his/her class. This is important so they can be allowed to participate in class. If they are late they will not be allowed in class, but are requested to stay, watch and receive class credit. Karate is a contact sport. However, unlike boxing where the object is to knock the opponent out, the object of sport karate is to score points without hurting the opponent. Appropriate safety gear is provided and all contact is closely supervised by the class instructors. No hard contact will be allowed.
CLASS NUMBER-Before sitting down in class, report to your instructor and check in for that class by stating your name and class number, followed by saying SIR or MA'AM in a loud voice.
INSTRUCTORS-Students should always address instructors (& assistant instructors) as MISTER, MISS, SIR, or MA'AM.
EQUIPMENT NEEDED-Clean and pressed white, traditional style karate uniform and properly tied belt. No patches or any markings on the uniform or belt. There is no contact in the junior class to the face or in the groin area, but for safety reasons parents should purchase a cup and supporter for their boys and a mouthpiece for their boys and girls. Parents may order these items from the instructor.NOTE: To order any equipment see your instructor for an order form. Head & Hand Gear will be provided for all students until they are able to obtain their own gear. After a student has reached the rank of adult Yellow Belt, he or she should furnish his/her own safety gear. All gear must be approved by class instructor.
RULES-Always practice with safety and respect toward your instructor and classmates. No horseplay before, during or after class. Wear your uniform to class only. No jewelry (rings, watches, headbands, earrings, etc...) is to be worn in class.Any disruptive behavior can result in a student being permanently ejected from the classes.
UNIFORM-Each student needs to have his/her FIRST NAME - IN 2 INCH HIGH, BLACK, BLOCK STYLE LETTERS, on the back of the uniform top. This needs to be done at a PROFESSIONAL T-SHIRT SHOP(located in most shopping malls or sporting goods stores).HAND PRINTING OR PAINTING IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. Wash the uniform in cold water, and do not wash the belt. Your complete uniform (top, pant, and belt) is to be worn in class. Before or after class it is acceptable to wear the uniform pants and a t-shirt (the top and belt must be folded and put away), but NEVER enter the class area without the complete unifrom on.
TOURNAMENTS-Karate tournaments are held four times per year. The emphasis at tournaments is not on WINNING, but instead on DOING ONE'S BEST. Tournaments are not a requirement for class participation, but is a requirement for belt advancement. There is an additional fee to enter a tournament.
OBTAINING BELT RANK-To be eligible for belt ranking, a student must meet the minimum required classes needed for that belt, and do well at home and at school. A child must also exhibit a GOOD ATTITUDE in karate class. Advancing in rank is optional. There is also an additional fee for taking a belt advancement test.
PATCHES-The School patch and Association patch are obtained after passing the rank test for Yellow Belt.
A-TEAM PATCH-Yellow belts and above who have an "A" average in school and straight A's in conduct in the school semester (August - December or January - May). Wear on left sleeve shoulder. There is a charge for the A-Team Patch.
BLACK ACES PATCH-Students who win 3 first place tournament awards in a 12-month period. Wear on right sleeve shoulder. There is a charge for the Black Ace Patch.
COMPETITION PANTS-Yellow Belts and above can order competition pants. Competition pants are only to be worn to class 2 WEEKS BEFORE TOURNAMENTS AND AT ALL OF OUR TOURNAMENTS, not during regular classes. These pants are not required but can be ordered through the instructor. There is a charge for the competition pants.
KARATE HISTORY & STUDY TERMS-The founder of modern day karate was a man named FUNAKOSHI. Karate began in the country of INDIA, in the year 500 A.D. Karate is a Japanese word that means EMPTY HANDS. Karate is divided into 3 groups: ART, SPORT, and SELF-DEFENSE. The most important part of karate is CONDITIONING. The style of karate that you study is called AMERICAN KARATE. The father of American karate is ED PARKER. The 3 GOALS of karate are to train your: MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT. The belt ranking system for Juniors in American Karate is: WHITE, YELLOW, ORANGE, GREEN, BLUE, PURPLE(3 DEGREES OF PURPLE), AND RED (3 DEGREES OF RED). The belt rating system for Adults in American Karate is: WHITE, YELLOW, ORANGE, GREEN, BLUE, PURPLE, 3 DEGREES OF BROWN, BLACK (5 LEVELS OF BLACK). The founding father of A.S.K. is a man named BILL GRAY. KARATE is made up of different types of KICKS, PUNCHES, STRIKES, and BLOCKS. JUDO is made up of different types of THROWING TECHNIQUES. The most important part of sparring is TIMING and DISTANCE. The most important aspect of karate is having a GOOD ATTITUDE, and to practice with safety and respect toward your classmates. You can tell the level of Black Belt by the number of stars on his/her patch.*****
YELLOW BELT-Minimum 10 class hours. Entered at least 1 karate tournament, knowledge of ALL karate rules & terms, Techniques: Fighting Stance, Back Fist Strike, Front Kick, Punch, Side Kick, and Roundhouse Kick.
ORANGE BELTMinimum 10 class hours and 1 tournament as a Yellow Belt. Techniques: Knife Hand Strike, Back Ridge Hand Strike, Spinning Back Kick, and 3 Blitzing Techniques.
GREEN BELT-Minimum 10 class hours and 1 tournament as an Orange Belt. Techniques: Jump Front Kick, Hook Kick, Turning Hook Kick, Hook Kick/Roundhouse Kick, Hand & Kicking Combinations.
BLUE BELT-Minimum 10 class hours and 1 tournament as a Green Belt. Techniques: Crescent Kick, Jump Side Kick, Jump Hook Kick, Hand & Kicking Combinations.
1ST DEGREE PURPLE BELT-Minimum 10 class hours and 1 tournament as a Blue Belt. Techniques: Same as before, Plus Jump Turning Crescent Kick.
2ND DEGREE PURPLE BELT-Minimum 10 class hours and 1 tournament as a 1st Purple Belt. Techniques: Same as before, plus Flying Side Kick.
3RD DEGREE PURPLE BELT-Minimum 10 class hours and 1 tournament as a 2nd Purple Belt. Techniques: Same as before, plus Jump Spinning Back Kick.
1ST DEGREE RED BELT-Minimum 20 class hours and 2 tournaments as a 3rd Purple Belt. Techniques: Same, plus Jump Spinning Reverse Crescent Kick. (Also, 100 sit ups, 100 push ups, run 1 mile) (paper to follow)
WEEK 1-If an adult grabs you what do you scream? Help!Help! This is not my Dad!/Mom! (Zig-Zag Breakaway Technique)-Pull, push then pull away. Bite their hand if they try to cover your mouth.
WEEK 2-Memorize your address, home phone number, your parents work number, and/or pager number. (write it down & carry) Always carry enough change for a phone call. (.35cents)
WEEK 3-What phone number do you call if you are in trouble? 9-1-1Who do you get when you call ?-Police, fireman, or ambulance. If your house is on fire what is the first thing you do? Get out of the house!
WEEK 4-Never get within arms reach of a car and never get into a car with someone without your parent's permission, even if you know the person! If someone puts you in the trunk of a car, try and unplug or kick out the tail lights. (A police officer may pull them over for no lights, then you can scream).
WEEK 5-Don't help strangers out. If they need help finding their dog or child, tell them no! If they keep asking, yell "Leave me alone" then run away and tell an adult.(parent, teacher, someone you know).
WEEK 6-Don't accept gifts, candy, or a ride from a stranger. Walk against traffic. (It's hard for someone driving by to pick you up, and you can run back the other direction).
WEEK 7-Always tell your parents where you are going. Play in safe places such as backyards or playgrounds. NEVER play in abandoned or vacant buildings or in the woods.
WEEK 8-Never open the door for strangers or delivery men if your parents are not at home. Don't let strangers know you are home alone. Have a code word for someone if they are going to pick you up or come over to your house.
WEEK 9-If you see something scary or a strange person , tell an adult. If someone touches you in a way you do not like, yell, "Don't touch me", then go tell an adult immediately.
WEEK 10-Bad guys don't always wear black or dress funny. Most of the time they dress just like me. Pay attention to the person.

(Updated 03-27-10)